Experience from Jason

Hands on brasov
We are a group of senior pupils of Humanistic Sciences from Ostend. We are partners in an international exchange programme with a Romanian school and with Romanian social profit organisations. At the start of the year we welcome students from Brasov and show them how we Belgians live and we show them some of our culture during, for instance, a trip to Bruges. Every year we organise a party and put together some other small projects to collect money. Afterwards we donate the profits to organisations that help the people over there in Romania who are struggling. At the end of the year we go to Romania/Brasov and visit, amongst others, illegal orphanages. These orphanages do not get money from the government, so they need all the help they can get in order to survive. We also visit other orphanages and elderly homes and do small activities with the children. Of course, it is not all about having fun, getting to know the culture and helping out people. We also have to work together with the Romanian students and make a presentation about a certain subject linked to our curriculum as a Humanistic science pupil.
We are looking forward to making the best of it, yet again!

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